Monks of Mellonwah – “Ghost Stories”


While we all know not to judge a book by its cover or, for that matter, an EP by its title, I was nevertheless expecting something darker and more brooding from the Monks of Mellonwah’s upcoming release, Ghost Stories. The Australian four-piece provided a pleasant surprise, however, with a sound that’s spirited without evoking a séance. Though the title track kicks off with shadowy vocals that are almost hidden behind a haunting bass line, the solid introduction of singer Vikram Kaushik’s voice about a minute into the song is accompanied by the surge of electric guitar and cymbal-happy percussion, giving his strong, but radio-safe vocals some extra power. After the second melodic refrain, the track concludes in a searing instrumental crescendo reminiscent of the Chili Peppers circa the early-aughts, which is worth a repeat listen itself.

Set to be released on June 29, Ghost Stories is the band’s fourth EP and the first volume of their three-part debut album Turn The People, dropping later this year.

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