Natasha Kmeto – “Idiot Proof”


Natasha Kmeto is no rookie. Although the Portland-based artist continues to pay her dues among the underground music circuit, it has become apparent that a promotion is in order. On Kmeto’s upcoming LP, Crisis, we find the electro-soul diva pulling from a limited toolbox of instruments; she mixes and matches a recycled palette of drum samples, synths, and emotion. In no way, however, does this confined approach restrict Kmeto’s craft and style. In fact, if there is any conclusion to draw, it’s that sometimes limiting one’s options leads to a greater mastery and appreciation for what’s familiar. With the press of a singular arp sequence, the¬†electro-bass line of “Idiot Proof” lays the foundation for Kmeto to build and explore, producing a harmonious balance between the delicate and uneven facets of her experiences. Another highlight, “Take Out”, is below:

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