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Poupée F – “Celixipi”

Poupée F

Poupée F are a slick rock quartet from Ukraine, their sound driven by fleeting guitar fluctuations, post-punk rhythms, and enthusiastically youthful vocals. Their aim to mesh elements of prog and math-rock with pop and dance largely succeeds on their new EP God’s Number, available in full below and on Soundcloud. Closing number “Celixipi” does quite a bit to showcase this group’s prowess. Clearly resonating guitars ripple over fuzzy synth backings, as a restrained vocal delivery builds toward an infectious chorus where the vocals switch to a heavenly choir; it’s a dreamy sound comparable to Sigur Rós, a remarkable twist considering the track’s rooted post-punk and math-rock bursts. Expect Poupée F to rise in the blogosphere shortly.

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