TV Girl – “Easier to Cry”

TV Girl - Lonely Women EP

We last heard from sample-minded TV Girl in 2011, with a glowing review of their EP Benny and the Jetts. The San Diego-based group have added even more polish to their sound as of late, exemplified by the five tracks on the Lonely Women EP, released yesterday. A clear standout is “Easier to Cry”, which pursues a pleasantly magical pop route with classy piano flourishes, infectious sample-friendly percussion, and an explosive chorus that glitters with melancholic glee — which may seem like a contradiction, but it’s not; just listen to “Easier to Cry” to see why. Sometimes crying your eyes out can be the easiest, and least stressful, maneuver to cope with emotional pain, and a result in an odd sort of satisfaction as a result.  “She smiled, said romance was out of style /She just wanted to die, but it was easier to cry.” Chin up. On a more lighthearted note, “My Girlfriend” has a cutesy Jens Lekman sentimental-folk thing going on, doting on a messy and disorganized girlfriend over playful keys and warm harmonics. Recalling the jumpy sample-accompanied vibe of their earlier material, “Laura” is another highlight from a stellar EP that is perhaps TV Girl’s greatest accomplishment yet.

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