Alexandria – “Whatever”

Alexandria - Stockholm

Forget about the Swedish pop that’s so sugary it makes your teeth hurt. Stockholm-based Alexandria craft a stunning display of expansive psych-rock with electroncia elements, as shown on their track “Whatever”. The immediate blast of warmly tranquil guitars, glittering synths, and soaring vocals are reminiscent of Tame Impala… and whenever I make a comparison to Tame Impala, the best in the biz at psych-rock currently, the other group is doing something right. Although just recently formed at the end of 2012, Alexandria already show a knack for beautifully intricate layers of guitar. Various tones – from effervescent rhythmic backings to blistering spacey blasts – comprise “Alexandria” with a lingering beauty that’s hard to quit. The equally excellent “Secret Beach” reaches to more alternative roots with grainier guitars and playful riffs, showing Alexandria’s versatility in plain day. There’s still the remarkable psych-rock exploration in the final minute, though. We’ll keep our ears peeled for upcoming material from these psych-rocking Swedes.


Mike Mineo

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