Ariel Pink + Jorge Elbrecht – “Hang On to Life”

Ariel Pink - Hang on to Life

On their stellar collaboration “Hang On to Life”, Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht apply their penchants for vintage electronic goodness and hazily upbeat charms. The lo-fi maestros aim toward a melodic soft-rock palate here, with a tender bass line caressing key progressions that chime underneath a tranquil fog. “You screwed the pooch now face it the truth is in the sky,” Pink sings during the uplifting chorus, which is accompanied by backing vocals that coo softly — almost like a tribute to the softer elements of alternative, as Pink has done several times before (especially with “Mature Themes”). Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht’s “Hang On to Life” is from the 7″ single on Mexican Summer, which was released on 7/9.

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