Bloum – “La Folie”

Bloum, France

French electronic quartet Bloum is divided between musicians and visual artists. “Divided” may not be the best word though, as their collaboration is successful in the sense of integration, not division.¬†With influences like Four Tet, Burial, and Nicolas Jarr, Bloum specialize in entrancing atmospheric works with a strong rhythmic drive, finding a perfect balance between an intensified club feel and lush soundscapes. Although not listed among their influences, it wouldn’t be surprised if the quartet are acquainted with The Knife, as well. Although their vocal delivery differs in being more conventional, the use of icy trickling synths and slowly developing song structures are similar. The fluctuating vocal pitches, which transition from normative croons to a ghostly low-pitched murmur, compare to both them and Burial. “La Folie” is wholly representative of this, and the group’s striking sound in general. Bloum have several gold nuggets available on their Soundcloud, including “On the Moon” below.

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