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Hello Ocho – “Stickin’ to the Sheets”

Hello Ocho music

Hello Ocho’s “Stickin’ to the Sheets” is a blast of energy from the Atlanta-based five-piece. The vocals resemble the nasally longing of Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, but Hello Ocho’s musical delivery is more akin to a tropical fervor, with high-pitched chirping and marimba-like synths forming a completely infectious melody that prompts the vocals to repeat “it’s not even real.” It’s more rock than Afro-pop, though it certainly has some of the latter style’s touches. If Ed Droste suddenly became the frontman for eccentric rockers Man Man, it would sound something like Hello Ocho’s “Stickin’ to the Sheets”, which is engrossing until the very end, when the ferocious vocals let out one final scream.

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