Porcelain Pale – “Rapid Eyes and Restless Minds”

Porcelain Pale - Insomnia Mixtape

California-based duo Porcelain Pale concoct gauzy waves of lush electro-pop, reminiscent of Twin Shadow’s starry-eyed dramatic tribute to the ’80s niche.¬†Porcelain Pale self-produced their debut release, Insomnia Mixtape Vol. 1, and its lo-fi but stunningly atmospheric sound is wholly representative of quality bedroom pop — without the mundanity. “We both came from a crappy part of California that is basically spermicide for creative types,” one half of the duo, Andy Carrillo, says. “We were in a lot of really crappy bands and sort of randomly got together last October, bought a bunch of random stuff from Craigslist, and just sort of locked ourselves in a room and started writing until we had something we liked listening to.”

The result is a tidy showing of Porcelain Pale’s nocturnal prowess,¬†whether on the glistening arpeggios of “Agoraphobic Winter Blues” or the woozy spacey crawl “Imaginary Drifter”. The opener, “Rapid Eyes and Restless Minds”, serves as a proper introduction. Porcelain Pale initially start with a nonchalant drum loops and a placid bass line, as the weeping vocals ascend in emotion over re-occurring spurts of guitar. The production may not be as sharp as Chromatics or Twin Shadow, but Porcelain Pale have a similar grasp of the approach. Once their production catches up with their ability to churn out haunting atmospheres, Porcelain Pale could be making big noise.


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