Sun Machine – “Save Your Sorrows”

Sun Machine music

Sun Machine is a jangly pop project from the UK, with a fondness for swirling and reverbed guitar progressions that emit waves of melodic bliss. Basically, if you love Wild Nothing like I do, you’re going to love this. It has the same sort of ’80s post-punk/jangle-pop revivalism thing going on, and accomplishes it just as well.  The project plans to post one track every week on their Soundcloud, the most recent release being “Save Your Sorrows”. The atmosphere on the track actually resembles the solo work of David Lynch, though with greater melody and clarity. The feeling of eerie mystique is reminiscent of both great film soundtracks and riveting post-punk. In the pop spectrum, the song is scattered with irresistible hooks, led by suave and nasally vocals that play off the fluttering guitar echoes well. “Come Down”, released two weeks earlier, is also superb. This shows more exploration with the guitars, with angular movements and more intricate arrangements comprising Sun Machine’s most hypnotic work to date. “Come Down” is more on the psych-rock side of things, while “Save Your Sorrows” is more tranquil jangle-pop. If you love music in the vein of Wild Nothing and Mac DeMarco, Sun Machine may be one of your favorite finds of 2013.

All we know about Sun Machine is that it’s the solo project of a guy named Tom from the UK. Details may be scarce at the moment, but it’s obvious he has his stylistic direction down pat.


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