The Outs – “Right or Wrong”

The Outs - Right or Wrong

Brazilian rock group The Outs produce an exciting vintage sound, somewhat of a cross between ’90s Brit-pop and ’60s psychedelia. Showing The Doors, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys as leading influences in their press release, it’s easy to hear on new single “Right or Wrong”. Despite the track’s strengths, if you don’t like Oasis — you probably won’t like this. This band loves Oasis. The Outs love Oasis so much that they won a 2008 contest of Oasis cover songs that led Noel Gallagher to notice; he spoke of how The Outs really “got to the heart of the track.”  Oasis’ sound remains quite accessible, so it’s a wise choice to replicate. I prefer several Brit-pop groups more — Pulp, Blur, Suede, etc. — but a little blast from the past should be a nice one for Oasis fans.

Clanging percussion and a swanky bass line straight out of a ’60s pop hit crawls forward to begin the track, shortly before a squirming yet anthemic guitar highly reminiscent of Brit-pop heyday appears. There’s occasionally an accompanying guitar jangle, lower in tone, that counters the Brit-pop guitar with that of a ’60s psychedelia variety, though the track’s vocals are purely ’90s alternative. Suave verses extend into a jubilant wave of anthemic bliss, the ever-so-important infectious chorus for any Brit-pop admirers. The Outs may not produce the most original sound in the book, but it’s hard to call them outdated when a track like “Right or Wrong” delivers an energy that sounds fresh and engaging. Keep an eye on this Brazilian rock group.

From their press release: “Now looking towards the release of their debut full-length album, The Outs have unveiled their new single ‘Right or Wrong’. Their revival sound is even more refined in this track and the band’s songwriting talents are plain to see. Combining clever vocal harmonies with tremolo guitar, a discernible Doors vibe is achieved. Melodic hooks aplenty, the track is certain to capture the attentions of 60’s music fans.”

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