White Blush – “Neptune”

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With her latest song, appropriately named “Neptune”, White Blush’s Carol Rhyu manages to create something beautifully paradoxical.  “Neptune” is brilliantly composed, yet slow and mellow; otherworldly, yet strangely familiar; airy and intangible, yet personal and emotional.  The song playfully toys with our ability to differentiate the external from the internal, blending places unknown—such as the starry planet the track is named after—with nostalgia known only to you.  The guitars and synths breeze by, pulling you out into a distant and aerial world.  The vocal track pulses warmly from within, pushing you into your very own dream-like environment.  A bass guitar, that walks the line between earthy and cloud-like, completes the soundscape alongside the moving drums.  By teaming up with co-writer Art Torres, Carol Rhyu of White Blush has definitely found a certain beauty in simplicity.

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Daniel Candelaria

As a music producer himself, Danny is a huge fan of smooth, down-tempo electronic music. His favorite genre's include dreampop, chillwave, slow-fi, and instrumental hip-hop.

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