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Aaron Wiley is a keen beat-maker who shows a wide range of styles on his Soundcloud, from the eerie Knife-like synth-pop darkness of “The Lower Meadow” to the pulsating key-driven glee of “Time Flies”, one of several new tracks Wiley uploaded today. Several plays will inform listeners that the LA-based Wiley is a name to keep an eye on, with the potential to become a big name in the DIY atmospheric electronica scene — much like Ryan Hemsworth. The Hemsworth comparison seems to make most sense, as his focus on key-driven electronica with an occasional flurry of samples is similar in its wide-reaching stylistic arsenal.

While the otherworldly “Time Flies” marks his earlier material, recorded over two years ago, Wiley has expanded his sound using several instrumental additions. “In the last year I’ve been noodling around with toy synths ran through effects pedals, vinyl and mpc drum samples, and vocal harmonies, and I wound up with some songs,” he says. “So now I figure I should put them out into the world. Why not!? I’m releasing them as a mixtape called Songs For Friends, under my last name Wiley.” The mixtape is an impressive one, from instrumental mystiques like “Space” to throbbing Panda Bear-like experimentation (“Keeping Up”). “Time Flies” is perhaps the best showing of both his vocals and beat-making abilities, where a youthfully vibrant vocal lead layers though jingle bells, enveloping keys, and buzzing bass. It’s an infectious little burst of goodness, much like the other efforts onĀ Songs For Friends. Another highlight, “Spot Off”, shows a more arpeggiated pop-driven sound that invokes warm colors and anticipation of the nocturnal and spacey varieties; the whirring build-up is pure joy.

Check out more tracks from Wiley on his Soundcloud.

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