Atlanter – “Kaktos”

Atlanter, Norway

Atlanter was formed by Jens Carelius and Arild Hammerø, two Norwegian songwriters with a penchant for soaring rock songs with tinges of spaghetti-western ambition, somewhat similar to Ryan Adams’ rollicking epic “The Sadness”, a track that embraces the fusion of howling garage-rock and scenic spaghetti-westerns. That was the immediate comparison that come to mind when I heard “Kaktos”, a stellar track released last week by Atlanter. Jonas Barsten Johnsen and Morten Kvam round out the quartet, whose prowess is also evident on “Tree Song”, a track that compares to Tunng and The Deep Dark Woods with its solemn croon and Afro-kicked shuffles. Atlanter’s upcoming album, Vidde, is out August 26th.


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