The Boston Boys – “Satisfied”


There’s a little geographic confusion stirred up by The Boston Boys, who did indeed form in Boston in 2009, are currently based in Brooklyn, but sound like they belong rocking a dive bar somewhere in the dusty South. What there’s no doubt about, however, is that their sound provides an air of pure Americana, and so it makes perfect sense that they were chosen to perform as a part of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign last year. The self-proclaimed “Future Roots” quartet fit right into the rising tide of mainstream folk brought about by bands like Mumford and Sons, with their sunny vocals and foot-stomping use of the fiddle and electric mandolin straddling the line between traditional and catchy-contemporary.

This October, The Boston Boys will be following up their 2012 EP with a second release, Keep You Satisfied. At only five tracks long, the EP is nevertheless a lively showcase of the band’s modern mix of soulful melodies, blues-y crooning, and folk aesthetics. “Satisfied” kicks off the album with a country showcase of searing strings, rough and tumble group vocals, and enthusiastic hand-clap harmonies, while “Amelia” slips into a more sensual sound, featuring darkened instrumentals and singing that aches with longing.

The Boston Boys are preparing to set off on a cultural diplomacy tour sponsored by the U.S. State Department in Morocco, followed by a private tour through Europe this fall, but you can catch them before they depart on August 29 in NYC at Drom!


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