Don Trunk – “Passport Ready”


I’m not typically a huge fan of rap.  It’s not that I immediately judge songs for being rap, it’s that a lot of the rap that I tend to hear focuses on lyrical themes that I generally don’t find very pleasing, or has cheesy instrumentation that doesn’t really appeal to me. With that said, that definitely apply to all rap; there are definitely more than a few exceptions. Enter Don Trunk’s “Passport Ready”, released today.  With all of the instrumentation of the song done by BaltiMotown, and the lyrics of the song focusing on world travel, the song does a great job at pulling you out of your current environment and into one in which you’re walking down the streets of unfamiliar cities, enjoying music at extraordinary venues, and going out to exotic clubs and restaurants. I feel like the secret to the song is the beautifully crafted blends of a truly classic sound with the modern flair of a moving lyrical masterpiece. The various horns and percussive elements pull listeners to a world far beyond the airport; the lyrics truly solidify that feeling by musing about the exhilaration of world travel. If you enjoy trekking across the globe – even if you’re not typically a huge fan of rap, like me— be sure to check this track out. It just might put you in an exotic land.

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Daniel Candelaria

As a music producer himself, Danny is a huge fan of smooth, down-tempo electronic music. His favorite genre's include dreampop, chillwave, slow-fi, and instrumental hip-hop.

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