Me And My Drummer – “Don’t Be So Hot”


Me And My Drummer is a Berlin-based duo comprised of Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs. Although the band name suggests a focus on just two instruments and a voice, the production quality of their track “Don’t Be So Hot” doesn’t suffer from one-dimensional tricks. The drums, piano and vocals unquestionably take center stage, but there are commendable minimalist aspects within the song that beef up its overall jam-ability. They’re subtle, very subtle, but it’s that little push that really takes a drum/piano duo into a new realm. A high-pitched violin panned to the left tightens the song up by adding some much needed suspense, while a moving sub-bass acts as the backbone of the song, pulling everything together. Background vocals eventually get added into the mix, cooling the song down. Just as all of these elements are introduced, they disperse. For a few seconds we’re left for the magical voice of Charlotte Brandi, just before all of the elements of the song culminate into a fury of beautiful singer-songwriter bliss.

Daniel Candelaria

As a music producer himself, Danny is a huge fan of smooth, down-tempo electronic music. His favorite genre's include dreampop, chillwave, slow-fi, and instrumental hip-hop.

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