Safe In Houses – “Can’t Keep On”

Safe in Houses - Can't Keep On

The approach of Safe In House’s new track “Can’t Keep On” is atmospherically invigorating and wholesomely vintage. Think of the sound you would hear if you found a cassette player, and decided to pop in some of your mom’s old R&B cassettes from the ’80s… except the tape you chose had rested in the car a little too long on a hot summer day, and everything that it played was warped, down-pitched, and 110% boss. The “slow-fi” vibrations of the two perfectly blended vocal tracks oscillate over the crackle and pop of a drum track that carries the song far into a street-centric world made of color and charm. Surrounding the drum and vocal tracks, synths fluctuate between smooth and intense pulse steadily in and out of the picture. Safe in Houses definitely covered their bases with “Can’t Keep On”, building on their already great discography with more lo-fi, sample-heavy charm.


Daniel Candelaria

As a music producer himself, Danny is a huge fan of smooth, down-tempo electronic music. His favorite genre's include dreampop, chillwave, slow-fi, and instrumental hip-hop.

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