The 1975 – “You” (Blackbird Blackbird remix)

Blackbird Blackbird music

Yesterday, Blackbird Blackbird released a new remix of The 1975’s track “You”.  Today, I listened to it.  Right now, I’m somewhere between the emotion of being madly in love, and wholly carefree.  The track sits somewhere between today’s naive hopes that make your heart flutter and yesterday’s childlike feelings of love and restlessness. Although calm and slow-moving by nature, the song somehow manages to span years of my life, in just a few moments.  Road trips, concerts, parties, outdoor adventures, and especially innocent feelings of love all pass by like a beautifully cut home movie of my life.  The nostalgia burns in my mind, but not so much that it leaves no room for the present, which now has a feeling of hope completely undiluted by today’s typical worries.  The message of this track is clear: Don’t forget today can be every bit as good as all of those other days.  Don’t forget the past, but don’t forget the present.  Needless to say, I’m definitely a big fan of this new release.


Daniel Candelaria

As a music producer himself, Danny is a huge fan of smooth, down-tempo electronic music. His favorite genre's include dreampop, chillwave, slow-fi, and instrumental hip-hop.

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