Aurganic – “The Lost and the Found”

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Aurganic are a stylistically eclectic duo with origins in both Toronto and NYC. Despite members Leo Pisaq and Michael Kossov both having beginnings in the punk-rock scene, Aurganic’s new album Deviations treads a variety of stylistic waters, ranging from downtempo-inspired electronica in the vein of Massive Attack and recent Radiohead to dizzying alt-rock like Muse. It’s clear that their mutual interests in electronica, jazz, and art-rock had a large role in the success of Deviations. One particular standout from the album is “The Lost and the Found”, a deeply soaring effort with touches of strings, twangy guitars, and highly professional vocal work. It treads somewhere between a ballad and emotive rocker, a solid in-between that aptly represents Aurganic’s eclectic stylistic vision. Check out tracks from Aurganic’s Deviations on their Soundcloud or Bandcamp, along with the video for “Choices” below:

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