Chrome Sparks – “Marijuana”

Chrome Sparks

Jeremy Malvin’s colorful electronic project, Chrome Sparks, has been making waves for the past year. “Marijuana” has been a favorite of many for over a year, and it’s easy to see why. The track’s eerie distorted vocal lead is reminiscent of nocturnal Ariel Pink efforts, while the instrumentation resembles caressing electronic wizardry in the vein of Washed Out and Quiet Village, a wonderful clashing of chillwave-inspired electro dabs and organically instrumental nostalgia. It’s a sound that would be perfectly accompanied by smoking marijuana, both sativa and indica strains. Malvin’s current mode of production shifts between bedrooms and clubs, producing his music in the former and ripely engaging with DJ mixes in the latter. Chrome Sparks’ Soundcloud offers a treasure cove of Malvin’s material, ranging from his enchanting MTV Hive mix (which seems to borrow slightly and lovingly from the Zelda video games around 10:00) to haunting stunners like “Your Planet”.

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