Elephant – “Shapeshifter”

Elephant - Shapeshifter

Elephant is the capable duo of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck, who combine for a delightful take on nostalgic pop music with their love for spontaneously retro production. Their new track, “Shapeshifter”, seems culled from a ’70s spy film, when the recent transition to color made all films have an odd sort of hypnotic glow. Add the stunningly melodic nonchalance of Rivas’ vocals, and you have a track made of delicately empowered nostalgia and seduction.¬†“Take me back to your room,” she purrs at one point, seductively in sync with the nostalgic strings and rhythmic effervescence. Pinchbeck’s marvelous production is as if a soul songwriting legend (Thom Bell) got together with a prolific arranger for film scores, like¬†Angelo Badalamenti. Despite all the comparisons, “Shapeshifter” is a highly original piece of magic that’s both engrossing and highly reminiscent.

Mike Mineo

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