The Larch – “Days to the West”

The Larch - Days to the West

“Days to the West” by The Larch is a lilting, modern-day sea shanty of a track, off the Brooklyn-based group’s latest album of the same name. The ocean feel is finely captured with lyrics like “we chartered a course for the age of discovery,” and “mariner’s weep,”  making you feel as though you’re on the prow of a galleon with spyglass in hand. Gorgeous harmonies emit from the unified front that is Ian and Liza, married not just in music but in life. An instrumental guitar break in the midst of sweet strings adds a nice, raw edge to this wistful folk ballad. I wonder if Ian was thinking of his move from the U.K. to Brooklyn when he penned this. The Larch call their music “smart power-pop with a psychedelic twist.” I think you’ll agree.

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