Lectures – “Hanging from the Banister”

Lectures - Morning Come Quickly

Specializing in a haunting folk-rock with bursts of passionate instrumentation, Lectures are a group consisting of four 18-year-olds and two 25-year-olds from Southeast England. They recorded their recently released debut EP, Morning Come Quickly, from February 2012 to July 2013, an entirely self-produced effort that flows with idiosyncratic passion and memorable moments. Also, especially for a self-produced effort, the production is extremely polished. Another aspect of Morning Come Quickly that impresses is the variation of styles and tempos, despite a generally fixated focus on melancholic and haunting nocturnal sentiments. For example, “Lone Lantern” is a more trickling rocker with hints of alternative within its emotive shadow, whereas “Hanging from the Bannister” is a creaking folk effort that manages to craft a spacious soundscape with piano touches and guitars clashing with sonorous brass. Stream Lectures’ Morning Come Quickly EP in full below:

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