Man on the Moon – “Protesters”

Man on the Moon - Sweden

Swedish singer-songwriter Arvid Lizell records under the name Man on the Moon. “The moon might be a great place for recording music,” he writes, “but I’m having trouble sharing it with people down on earth.” Indeed, Lizell’s tunes are retrospective and tranquil, like one would imagine from the barrenness of the moon. But there’s also a bevvy of life apparent in his material, more reminiscent of a rain forest bursting with colors as opposed to the monochromatic moon. His personable, acoustic-leaning style reminds of countryman Jens Lekman at points, while specific hooks – like the haunting, harmonica-addled hook on the gorgeously pacifist “Protesters” – resemble stylistic travelers like Prefab Sprout and Aztec Camera. This is simply quality songwriting, the sort that Sweden seems to produce in bundles. But even among his Swedish contemporaries, Lizell’s songwriting stands out. I’ll have my eye on his Soundcloud, for sure.

Mike Mineo

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