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Marius – “Rounds”

Marius - Rounds

“Rounds” is a tidy piece of instrumental bliss from Amsterdam-based songwriter Marius, whose heavily layered sound borrows from both organic psychedelia and obscure samples. His label, NON Records, aptly describes Marius’ sound as “wavering somewhere between ’60s era James Bond and cult classics such as Kill Bill.” “Rounds” works off a thickly reverberating guitar lead, accompanied by loose synth fragments that trickle alongside a forceful psych-rock palate. The track’s second section, beginning at the two-minute mark, is lusher at first; a caressing synth pad leads the way before the familiar melody kicks back in, this time marked by Marius’ rhythm section and electronic accompaniments, as opposed to the guitar-dominated first section. “Rounds” is a commendable display of Marius’ production chops, one that blends contemporary polish with stylish nostalgia.

Upcoming live dates for Marius:

12-09 Marius Live @ Delorean Support, OT301, Amsterdam
13-09 Marius Live @ Roosevelt Support, EKKO, Utrecht
14-09 Marius Live @ Into The Woods, Bos, Amersfoort
27-09 Marius Live @ Todays Art, PIP, The Hague
28-09 Marius dj set @ Club Godverdomme, DOKA, Amsterdam

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