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Milkdrive – “Smokeblowers”

Milkdrive - Smokeblowers

“What if the emperor wears no clothes?” asks the chorus of “Smokeblowers”, a sweet and lovely track by Austin’s own Milkdrive.  Adroitly played fiddles, mandolins, acoustic guitars and double-bass set the backdrop for warmly sensitive lyrics. Is this jazz-grass? Nu-folk? Gypsy jazz? Jam-folk? Whatever you want to call it, it’s damn satisfying. It’s a sound that will (should!) have broad appeal, to lovers of traditional folk and Deadheads alike.

This Is Spinal Tap‘s Nigel Tufnel said it best: there are simple lines, intertwining here. But the real star is the virtuoso, jaw-dropping musicianship, featuring stellar pickin’ and fiddlin.’ Gorgeous harmonies, a melody that ducks and dives, and a bass line that swoops from ceiling to floor help make this a track that really satisfies. Milkdrive is presently on tour, and has dates lined up in the coming weeks in the Midwest and the South.

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