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Oso Leone – “Ficus”

Oso Leone

Oso Leone are a striking group from Palma de Mallorca, Spain with a knack for constructing eclectic journeys within their tracks. Efforts like “Cactus” traverse across several realms, at first showcasing a caressing melodic pop structure led by percussion and acoustic ripples. As the track progresses, flourishes of synth pads and expansive guitar work appear, the track’s own world expanding its borders with each passing moment. It’s a succinct display of Oso Leone’s versatility throughout their new album Mokragora, which you can stream in full below. Some efforts like “Salvia” travel a spacey synth-guided plane that’s comparable to the touching ambient likes of Boards of Canada, while rumbling jams like “Clivia” tout the band’s subtle jazz influences over an expertly played assortment of jam-friendly instrumentation.


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