Simian Ghost – “Curtain Call”


simian ghost wolf girl

“Curtain Call” and “Wolf Girl” are two stellar examples of Swedish pop trio Simian Ghost and their tightly constructed indie-pop. “Wolf Girl” is the first single off their album Youth, which was released in early 2012. “Curtain Call” was released around the same time. Age doesn’t hinder these gems, though. The beginning of “Wolf Girl” glistens with a lush guitar accompaniment, but then it kicks swiftly into an infectious array of chirping bass and tight percussion. Simian Ghost’s vocal leads are light and airy, comparable to groups like Belle & Sebastian that seem to inject spurts of sunshine over the occasional grey cloud. A chiming guitar note leads the verses on “Wolf Girl”, while a flurry of angular guitar busts takes hold of the jubilant chorus. It’s a well-constructed track, and one that shows Simian Ghost’s strengths well. “Curtain Call” better shows Simian Ghost’s ability to construct atmospheres, a slickly maneuvered gem that traverses between Deerhunter-like garage-rock and fluttering indie-pop. Check out Simian Ghost’s most recent EP, Autumn Slowmo, below:

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