Sunboy – “Aphrodisia”

Sunboy - Aphrodisia

Sunboy is an apt name for this recently formed duo, who show a fondness for psychedelic press photos as well as chirpily upbeat pop tunes that pour down like rays of sunshine. New track “Aphrodisia” works off a light piano lead reminiscent of bright-lit atmospheric pop acts like Magenta Skycode, and is quickly diverted by a touch of distortion that leads into a buzzing chorus. Here, reflective female vocals work with greater intensity than the lead, a tranquil yet affirmative tactic that lifts the group’s already-hypnotic sound into even brighter heights. The transition from a delicate verse to an empowered works very well for “Aphrodisia”, a track that hopefully represents the beginning of a long and fruitful songwriting partnership.


Mike Mineo

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