Wolf Catcher – “Whisper”

Wolf Catcher music

Wolf Catcher submitted the melancholic instrumental effort “Whisper” with the additional comment that he was “feeling sad today.” Well, at least sadness helps produce efforts like this one. This mysterious electronic project is fond of stuttering percussion samples, heart-tugging strings, and delicate piano trickles, all interwoven beautifully over minimalist samples that are executed with the utmost precision — like the surprisingly melodic wolf howl at 01:55. The combination of howls and instrumental trickles help conjure visions of a stark white, entirely desolate tundra. The percussive lead and vocal chops toward the end lift the melancholic ambiance into more contemporary hip-hop beats, not much of a surprise considering Wolf Catcher has covered Miley Cyrus, Akon, and Beyonce in the past. This is a project with a grasp on both the modern pop scene and avant-garde emotional lunges, something that “Broken” below shows just as well. Very interesting.

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