Colornoise – “No Name”

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Electro-rock duo Colornoise spent the last year touring Central America, Brazil, and Canada. They also appeared alongside Björk, the Flaming Lips, and Skrillex in Colornoise’s native Costa Rica. So yeah, they’re on the rise. Comprised of Sonya Carmona (lead vocals, guitar) and Alison Alvarado (drums, vocals), Colornoise seem poised to break out in the independent scene with a well-crafted assortment of noise-rock and electronica influences. Their new album Polychronic is also driven by inspiration like “sunny afternoons, animals, architecture, cosmology of chaos, all kinds of music and rhythms, and to meet people with substance.” It was released just last month on Bandcamp.

Standout “No Name” begins with thick guitar reverberations, which are quickly complemented by pounding percussion and a skittish, somewhat reggae-infused guitar path. It’s a sound that would undoubtedly be enhanced by the market’s best Bluetooth speakers. Then another transition occurs, where an ominously clacking guitar line and fluid drums flow over Alvarado’s powerful yet sensuous vocals. The delivery is in contrast to a minute later, when a ghostly vocal effect accompanies the same instrumental backing. The primary development during the track’s first two minutes involves the vocals, but around the two-minute mark it launches into a venomously dark section, slight organ and all. The final minute offers the most experimentation, with phased ferocity and apt pleading of “don’t be afraid.” It’s a dark epic that nicely represents Colornoise’s strengths on Polychronic.


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