Crushes – “Heartache”

Crushes music

Get your week jump-started with this stylish electro-pop gem. Crushes’ “Heartache” will appeal to fans of female-fronted nocturnal synth-pop acts, like the recently hyped-up Chvrches. The name, Crushes, is similar, so I hope there isn’t some mix-up down the line. There’s plenty to separate though, notably Crushes’ more patient and hypnotic vocal delivery. “Heartache” ascends from a nonchalant verse into a glistening chorus, where the lead synth fluctuates devotedly to the reverbed post-punk percussion. The buzzing synths within the verse give more emphasis on the longing vocals, while the hook is demonstrative of Crushes’ ability to craft an engrossing melody devoid of a vocal lead, especially the stylish sample-laden interlude right after the two-minute mark. This brand new track should win over many new fans for Crushes.


Mike Mineo

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