The Derevolutions – “We Found That Beat”

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The Derevolutions are easily one of my favorite discoveries this year. From their outstanding¬†Living in the Not World¬†EP to stellar track “Yell It Out!“, which recently was featured on a prominent ESPN commercial campaign, The Derevolutions’ sample-infused array of cheerleader chants, soulful guitar licks, and melodic fluctuations makes for one of the most striking sounds of 2013. The project isn’t done yet, either. Brand new track “We Found That Beat” provides even more infectiousness. A playful guitar ‘n bass backbone sits firm as “Wall of Sound” vocal choirs and youthful samples make the rounds. At five minutes, it’s one of The Derevolutions’ lengthiest efforts, which means there’s plenty of room for ideas. As caressing keys, tropical island vocal backings, and eventually the original vocals of The Derevolutions (03:07) appear, the track’s irresistible nature becomes even more apparent.

It’s really damn hard to listen to a Derevolutions track just once. This stuff really balances innovation and infectiousness in quite the stunning fashion.

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