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Using a variety of influences ranging from the ‘60s to today, Dominique De Beau crafts a dazzling hybrid of R&B, pop, and hip-hop. Her sound is both cutting-edge and nostalgic, an eclectic polish of styles that results in a radio-friendly concoction. Dominique has been rising in the music world ever since she was five, when she stood out in her school choir. Even back then, Dominique was inspired by music. “I love having music in my life; it brings me so much pleasure and joy,” she says. The joy for music carried into her adult life, where she developed her songwriting talents to become stylistically diverse songwriter, crediting everything from classic Motown to club-inspired thumpers.

The Liverpool native has already had airplay from international radio stations, with fans stretching from Texas to her native UK. One of her songwriting efforts, “Addiction”, will appear in an upcoming film. Another track, “Break It Down”, has already appeared in the film Mutant Vampires Zombies from the Hood. Ever since Dominique relocated to London at age 18 to pursue her music career, she has been attracting attention from the industry’s brightest. She has partnered with Grammy-winning producer Narada Michael Walden, who has worked with the legendary likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. As Dominique continues to release exciting singles and mixtapes, her striking sound continues to draw acclaim and exciting collaborations.

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