The Explorers Club – “Don’t Waste Her Time”

Explorers Club

From 2008’s Freedom Wind to last year’s Grand Hotel, The Explorers Club’s incorporation of surf-pop and classic-rock influences has always been a treat. Their new single “Don’t Waste Her Time” follows suit. Written by frontman Jason Brewer and his friend Andy Paley, whose name you may remember from his work with Jonathan Richman, “Don’t Waste Her Time” is beautiful from the get-go. Lush strings, twinkling keys, and warm strings complement a highly melodic and vintage vocal delivery, which ascends from gentle romancing to exuberant glee in the chorus. “Don’t let her walk away, you’re gonna lose her,” kick-starts the excellent chorus, which gets better each time; the concluding section features chirping horns and a gradually whimpering string accompaniment that fits perfectly. It’s little production flourishes like these, complements of Brewer and Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement, Game Theory, etc.), that bring an already-great track to impressive heights. The Explorers Club continue to seamlessly churn out classic-sounding gems.


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