Freelove Fenner – “All Things Break Through”

Freelove Fenner

Based out of Montreal, guitar-pop trio Freelove Fenner replicate a crisp and jangly sound on the tidily effective “All Things Break Through”, the first single off their debut full-length LP, Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner. Caitlin Loney’s vocals fluctuate with a cool whimsy; the verse alternates from deep nonchalance to an uptick in pitch during the final few words.The clickity guitar and churning bass that ensues in the chorus, combined with the fluctuating vocals, remind of Swedish art-rockers Love Is All (listen to “Felt Tip“). Add some brass to Freelove Fenner’s sound and you would have an interesting counterpart. But Freelove Fenner are good as is, and they have a fantastic sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner is majorly successful once it makes the rounds.


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