Keyser Soze – “Catch Your Breath”

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No one can blame this group for paying tribute to one of cinema’s greatest characters, Kevin Spacey’s Keyser Söze in 1995 neo-noir classic The Usual Suspects. Like Söze himself, this Nevada-based group have bursts of enjoyable unpredictability, propelled by a suavely smoky reggae-soul sound with hints of exotic jazz, like the nighttime sax appearing throughout excellent track “Catch Your Breath”. Although “Catch Your Breath” showcases swanky female vocals, Keyser Soze switch off between male and female vocals throughout their new album The Remedy, which contains eleven stellar tracks. The more reggae-leaning “Do” features spright male vocals, aptly more emotive in its delivery. With flourishes of effervescent brass, “Do” is a feel-good success with an exceptional brass section. Check out both these tracks for indication of the eclectic journey that is The Remedy, a recommended release that can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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