Premiere: The Feather – “What If”

The Feather - Belgium

Belgian group The Feather craft an intoxicating sound that sounds purely enchanting, as if it emerged from an illuminated forest where unicorns roam. New track “What If” initially travels alongside an element present in many of The Feather’s tracks, particularly a prickly and very lighthearted keyboard melody that appears concise in its punch. Over this high-pitched light occurs a vast array of instrumental pushes, all combining for a powerful anthemic sound. Multiple vocal layers culminate for an angelic tone, which ascends until the chorus reaches its peak, where “what if”s are layered with impressive precision. It’s a moment that compares to both Sigur Rós’ ambition and early Gotye (“Hearts a Mess”). The Feather have a ton of things going for them, and it’s an honor to premiere the superb “What If”.


Mike Mineo

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