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Alt-Er – “The Truth of You and Me”

Alt-Er music

Alt-Er, the electronic/dubstep project of 21-year-old Cardiff native Matthew Suter, is sure to stir the hearts of Burial fans. Like Burial’s shadowy dubstep enigma, Suter masterfully interweaves lonely percussion with ghostly vocals, which sound trapped between dimensions in a beautifully melodic yet tortured state. Upcoming album teaser “The Truth of You and Me” shows this well — especially with creepy vocal samples that echo phrases like “You’re dead already!” — an apt sampling from Girl, Interrupted.  After track builds up conventionally via metallic percussion, with a hint of synths only just emerging after the one-minute mark, beautiful string arrangements reveal themselves. Flowing over crisp pop-forward production, they conclude “The Truth of You and Me”, softly closing a stunning six minutes that will have dubstep fans salivating over Alt-Er’s upcoming release.

Both “The Truth of You and Me” and the equally stunning “Asymmetry”, below, will be on Alt-Er’s upcoming album Nightscapes, out by the end of the year.

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