Cathedrals – “Ocean Charity”

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Not just anyone is able to make truly¬†scary music. Great songwriters may be able to churn out Top 40 singles like clockwork, but capturing ominous horror in relatively melodic form is no easy feat. In that regard, props should be given to artists like World’s End Girlfriend, Crystal Castles, and Cathedrals that inject pure spookiness into their own respective styles, whether it’s creaking horror film sounds intertwined in World’s End Girlfriend’s classical-inspired instrumentation, or the graveyard-like somberness of Crystal Castles efforts.

Some could argue that Cathedrals belong in the witch house genre — where artists are overly fond of using triangle and crucifix symbols in their name. Any track classified under that label is pretty much guaranteed to have some spooky vibes, even occult references aside. Another one of its trademarks is developmental electronic soundscapes, which Cathedrals’ “Ocean Charity” accomplishes with ease. Vocals are implemented sporadically like specters throughout a haunted house, emitting torturous croons over gargled bass lines and slamming percussion. It’s an unpredictable ride that’s both chilling and invigorating, a track that would have been ideal for an obscure Halloween mix.¬†Cathedrals’ ominous electronica uses haunting ghost-like croons, twinkling synths, and sparse rhythmic rumblings to concoct a truly creepy sound.


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