The Inner Outlaws – “Bodies of Water”

Inner Outlaws music

The Inner Outlaws claim to be a psychedelic group whose long, experimental tracks will “take you more places than most full-length albums.” Usually when somebody offers travel that cheap and compact it’s best to finger the knife in your coat’s deep pockets. Take it from me — don’t trust anybody who lacks a normative time-sense, unless you’re well-armed and steeled, intellectually, for the kind of split-second thinking that stupid violence requires.

I’m not saying you should put your guard down around The Inner Outlaws — just that, in this specific case, they’re right about the multi-vocality of their tracks. Check out “Bodies of Water” — and compare it to the Amycanbe record I reviewed a few weeks ago. The latter group spent a whole 40 minutes doing doughnuts in the same snowy parking lo. Inner Outlaws, though, circumnavigate the globe in less than ten. Parts of this track sound like a Ween song making fun of dream-pop, and parts of it sound like Roy Harper in his Stormcock after-rain mode. Tell me that isn’t a little intriguing.

Fair warning: at some point they’re going to drop the name of the band right there in the lyrics and, hey, I know — but show some respect to the whole weird mechanism they’ve got going here. The other track off this unofficial EP, “Points of Fire”, is also good. Stream it below:


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