Mark Moreno – “Subway” (ft. Flunk)

Mark Moreno - Subway

“Subway” provides a glimpse of ’80s synth-pop nonchalance, like how The Pet Shop Boys did and continue to do. The vocal delivery is instantly hypnotic, a hushed spoken-word approach that resembles a slowed-down version of the verses within Pet Shop Boys’ “Rent”. Underneath this exists tightly constructed warbles of synths; a popping synth plays hopscotch with a robotic kick drum, as a looser key-laden melody adds appreciated spontaneity. The lyrics love the use of non-sequitur, but they concoct a stoned serenity nonetheless: “I love Sex Pistols ‘cuz they’re fun, I love to dance when I’m drunk.” The words tend to drift in and out like drunken ramblings. It’s raining out, and you had a few too many. There won’t be another train for an hour or two. Might as well take another from the flask. It’s bleak and lonesome, but purely intoxicating regardless. Mark Moreno and Norwegian electronic group Flunk have made a great collaboration with “Subway”, a culmination of various electronic veterans who have been at it for decades.

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