Polygon Palace – “Starpilots”

Polygon Palace

Self-described by British/New Zealand duo Polygon Palace as a cross between MGMT and Midnight Juggernauts, “Starpilots” is the perfect entry into this very promising project. Energetic percussion and playful synth melodies take the lead initially, with an electro-pop production polish that also makes Cut Copy a relevant comparison. Swiftly, a minimalist drum and bass-forward bridge teases the crisp vocals, which prepares for one of many hooks throughout the track. Incorporating funk-a-licious flavor and swelling electro-pop anthem appeal, this sound is fresh. “You wanna know something, I wasn’t afraid…” they egg on during one of the spaciest, most infectious moments — complete with wonderfully melodic backing vocals almost reminiscent of surf-pop. After this, a darker guitar-tinged section conjures up those Twin Shadow nocturnal synth vibes, before a series of spacey synth arpeggios rounds it off. Man, this track is all over the place, but in the best way possible. Check out Polygon Palace’s new album, Sunburnt Shadows, now.

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