Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy – “Shining On”


Ron Littlejohn - Funk Embassy

Ron Littlejohn is a veteran of the soul and funk scenes, playing in the past with the likes of James Brown, The Roots, and Holly Cole. His project Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy brings together excellent players in the scene from Toronto and Montreal, resulting in an expertly crafted release in Shining On that blends sensual smoothness with hooks that are finger lickin’ good. The title track, “Shining On”, mixes powerful and soulful male and female vocals over touching strings, funk-tastic guitar lick, and light key flourishes, all over an engrossing personal narrative. “When I was about to become a father, some friends actually became resentful at the idea of me having new priorities. This hurt me like a bitch,” Littlejohn explains of the self-titled track. “I wrote this song to my unborn daughter trying to tell her no matter how mean the bastards get, keep on shining.”

Another highlight from Shining On is the energetic “Seems Like Yesterday”, which infuses fast-paced hip-hop DJ rhythms with swift string work and soulful organ pads. The self-titled track may borrow from the past, but “Seems Like Yesterday” looks to the future. It’s representative of the eclectic qualities throughout Shining On, which can be purchased on Bandcamp and streamed below:


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