Temples – “Mesmerise”

Temples - Mesmerise

Just a heads up: there are major Tame Impala vibes on this one. If you’re a fan of those great psych-rockers, then Temples may be your favorite new discovery. Their new track “Mesmerise” has been getting some serious buzz on the blogosphere, and with its rich psych-friendly reverberations and anthemic hooks it’s easy to see why. A chirpily reflective guitar lead appears after each eruptive chorus, fully implementing a raucously built-up ’60s psych-pop drum fill that Caribou loved to use throughout his 2007 classic Andorra. Temples seem to be wanderring in a cloudy haze throughout, but they’re not lost by any means. “Mesmerise” is a wonderfully calculated track, repetitive enough to result in anthemic bliss but capricious enough to ride on naturalistic psych-ready trademarks.

“Mesmerize” is perhaps the first track featured here that’s from a 2014 release, hopefully a sign of great things to come. Temples will release their anticipated debut, Sun Structures, on February 10th via Fat Possum Records. So yeah, I guess this is my most anticipated album of 2014 at the moment. Pretty cool considering I didn’t even know who Temples were this morning.

This band even looks like they’re from the ’60s:

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