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Josh Furey – “Petals”

Josh Furey music

Josh Furey’s atmospherically blissful “Petals” is akin to sitting in a zen garden, accompanied by a gentle breeze tickling the back of your neck. The track pushes a gentle orchestral feel, initially very comparative to early Gotye efforts like “Hearts a Mess“. With a relaxed tempo fit for guest raps and meditation alike, “Petals” weaves through a variety of slick Far Eastern-style instrumentation, fluttering with colors like a garden in bloom. The repetition provides for a hypnotic allure, a trademark that seems like a prerequisite for meditative-style audible reflection.

Josh Furey’s new album, Petals, will be released on December 13 through Nocturne Records. Check out the video for “Petals” below:

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