The Derevolutions – “Automate Your Soul”

Derevolutions - Boucher

Sample-savvy songwriter The Derevolutions released a new track in “Automate Your Soul”, which incorporates a variety of playful vocal samples to assemble its poppy, synth-like lead. Brett Boucher hands off vocal duties here, an apt choice considering this song’s cheerleader-like playfulness (similarly to the ESPN-featured “Yell It Out!“) calls for lighter vocal incorporation, more in the vein of female singers in The Go! Team or a cheerleader team leading a pep rally. A clicking bass line, a trademark of The Derevolutions’ sound so far, is the constant through a variety of whistles, mellow keys, and pitch-fluctuating vocal samples. There are hooks throughout, but one of the best comes during a slight yet effective melodic variation,  when the vocals chirp “I told you what I really want, you told me what you need from me.” Another recently released track, “Pascualita”, features Boucher on vocals while capturing the same hook-filled excitement.

In addition to these two new tracks, The Derevolutions has plenty of older gems on their Soundcloud, from the Latin-inspired dance-pop of “Disappoint Your Teacher” to the exotic trickling of “Living in the Not World“. Check them all out here.

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