RCRDS – “I Feel Dizzy”

It sometimes happens that, when I’m driving through the familiar streets of Cape Town, my mind wanders away from the task at hand. Yet during this trance, I do not crash or do anything out of line. Instead, I drive unerringly through the traffic, obeying the laws and directions without much afterthought. This is because the drive is something I’ve done many times before; I have become comfortable and natural in that task, allowing my actions to flow naturally with an ease that belies my lack of concentration.

This comforting naturalness is the feeling I get from the music of Davis Connors and Felipe Valdez as I listen to “I Feel Dizzy”, their new track under the moniker of RCRDS. The duo from Washington D.C. have taken influences from various genres and mixed them together into something quite new but very comfortable. It is as if they too are doing their thing with a natural ease that comes in the absence of concentration and forced effort, making this single an easy-going and very plesant listen. Their first release, an EP called Summer Aches, was released last summer. The more recent and guitar-heavy “Goldleaf” is similarly interesting, and can be streamed below:


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