Damon Albarn – “Lonely Press Play”


Damon Albarn has explored plenty of styles throughout his time leading Blur, Gorillaz, and various work in film and theater. After several decades of greatness and consistency in everything from Brit-pop to electronic/hip-hop hybrids, Albarn is finally releasing his solo debut, Everyday Robots, which he calls “the most personal” release out of his many projects. The opening, self-titled track was revealed a few weeks ago, drawing heavy acclaim for a sound that combined singer/songwriter retrospection with Albarn’s penchant for melodic wizardry, specifically with organic electronic components as of late. Both of these tracks seem like natural progressions from Plastic BeachOn “Everyday Robots” and “Lonely Press Play”, Albarn has shelved a few stylistic indulgences and star-studded cameos in favor of a clearer, more immediately personal instrumental arsenal.

The second track revealed off Everyday Robots, “Lonely Press Play” is the more beautiful of the two released so far, in my opinion. It’s a majestic effort with a lush, intertwining piano melody that floats ethereally under Albarn’s understated croon. It’s in the Gorillaz vein with the interesting rhythm section, with percussive stuttering and a tranquil bass comparable to “Tomorrow Comes Today”, but it’s an Albarn solo track through and through. “When you’re lonely press play,” he pleads before the infectious chorus, where flashes of strings and slightly intensified percussion make for a concise yet resoundingly powerful hook. I’m really digging “Lonely Press Play”. So far – based on the two revealed tracks – Everyday Robots sounds like it will be another successful addition to Damon Albarn’s glowing discography.

Everyday Robots is out April 29th.

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